Norika Fujiwara two-year continuation Academy Award chairman

Mon., November 29, 2004
Norika Fujiwara two-year continuation Academy Award chairman

(Nikkan Sports)

It turned out on the 28th that actress Norika Fujiwara (33) acts as a chairman of the "77th Academy Awards Presentation" (9:50 a.m. broadcast on February 28, next year) which WOWOW broadcasts live. By appointment following last time, Norika constructs a pair with Director Nobuhiko Obayashi (66). As for Norika, it was glad to have performed poster photography for program advertisement the other day that Mr. Ken Watanabe was nominated last time [ "] and Japan attracted attention. The stage of an empty dream turned round, "It was wonderful to have felt it familiar by Ken's activity."

Norika acted as the Japanese version voice actor of the U.S. animated film "Shrek 2", and made her Cannes debut in May, this year. It co-stars also with U.S. actress Cameron Diaz (32) who acted as the voice actor by the English-language edition. So, although there are many opportunities to interview "Hollywood actress, "The impossible cannot be found" in whenever [ the ] is said. Therefore, when it is wants to work for the purpose of that stage." I want to tell, enjoying the figure of "actress's base about a chairman." Director Obayashi also showed the smiling face as "Wanting to meet Norika on the stage of an Academy Award."