Norika sheds a tear at her Afganistan Children Photo Exhibition in New York.

Actress Norika Fujiwara(32) visited New York to open her photo exhibition (June 10~30), and met with United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan at the United Nations Headquarters. Mr Annan said that he hoped Norika would keep up the good work.

Norika gave a speech in english, appealing to the crowd with her idea of peace, and promised to keep supporting the Afgan children.
Norika wore a long sleek black dress designed by Japanese designer Miss Ashida.

Norika shed a tear during her speech.

There was a reception party at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Norika gave a speech in english in front of 200 people from various nations at the U.N. Headquarters. Norika said " The children had told her that they love their country, "when we grow up we want to be teachers and doctors and make Afganistan a great country". Their positive comments made me cry, to see these boys and girls be so strong in such a dangerous place".

The audience responded very positively when Norika finished her speech with some Afgan she had learned while she was there. "Besha Tashakur - Thankyou very much". Norika also appealed to the crowd about the importance of rebuilding Afganistan.

This exhibition came about after Norika visited Ground Zero in January 2002, and she began to think about the war in Afganistan on the other side of world, and that is when she made up her mind that she must go there.
After Norikas exhibition was such a success in Japan, she was able to take the collection to New York, where it all began.
"I didnt know if I would be able to bring it here to New York, but in fact, New York was the place that I got the courage to go to Afganistan in the first place. I think that it is wonderful if people from other countries can see the wonderful smiles of the Afgan children"

Before the reception, Norika met with Kofi Annan. She gave him a copy of her collection . Mr. Annan praised Norika for her work and mentioned the importance of what she has done and put a very high value on her continued support. Mr Annan said he would like to see Norikas collection travel to other centres outside New York and wished her good luck.
Norikas name and deeds have earned a place in the memory of the United Nations staff and associates.

2004 6/11 10:28 Newspaper
Photo. Norika Fujiwara at the United Nations Headquarters. Norika had a large photo beside her as she explained her exhibition in english.

Norikas Prayer for Peace....My Collection.
New York Opening of Afganistan Exhibition
Speech in English of Experience in Afganistan

The popular actress Norika Fujiwara(32), opened her exhibition (Afganistan Smile) on the 10th of June at 'The Nippon Club' in New York.
The Afganistan Ambassador, Mr. Fahadi, was in attendance at the opening ceremony. Norika said " Through my photo exhibition, I want to show Afganistan in a new light. I prayed for peace in the Middle East.