The 'Peace Angel' Norika flew into New York!

The 'Peace Angel' Norika flew into New York!

Norika was in New York to open her photo exhibition of her trip to Afganistan.

Actress Norika Fujiwara(32) was in New York to promote her exibition of photos of children shot in Afganistan (Afganistan Smile), and paid a curtesy call to United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, at the U.N. Headquarters in New York while she was there.

Kofi Annan said that this Norikas exhibition was very important for the Japan, Afganistan and United Nations relationship, and placed a high value on the importance of Norikas work.
Norika was excited, and looked emotional, to be able to show her exhibition overseas and share her feelings about Afganistan.

Norika visited the U.N. Headquarters with Japans Ambassador to the U.N., Mr Koichi Haraguchi, and gave a copy of her collection to Mr. Annan.The exhibition was co-sponsored by Japan and Afganistans U.N. departments.

Mr. Annan said the collection was beautiful, and told Norika to keep up the good work. He also praised her actions up to now. Afterwards, Norika gave a speech in English at the U.N. Headquarters, and received a great applause from all present. Her actions for peace were recognised by the U.N. Norika said she was excited to receive such praise overseas for her actions.

Norika visited Ground Zero in New York in January 2002, and decided then that she would visit Afganistan, the country that attacked the U.S.

In July 2002, she visited Afganistan. She took her own photos, as she thought she would never have this opportunity again. Norika realised that whatever was going on in the outside world, the children were still smiling. This was an important opportunity. The children gave Norika courage and hope, and this is when she thought that this was a great opportunity.

In Norikas speech, she said that even in bad times, children still carried their dreams, and remembering this, she began to cry.
"New York is a place you can get courage from to visit places such as Afganistan"

From winter 2002, Norikas collection has toured 6 cities, in 7 galleries in Japan. Norika had hoped to show her collection in New York, where it had all began after visiting Ground Zero.
Norika finished her speech with a phrase she learned in Afganistan, Beshya Tashakur (thankyou very much)

Norikas Charity donated 20 million yen last month and was able to build up a school in Afganistan. Norikas Charity has a proper foundation to steadily support the revival of Afganistan.

From now on, Norika says she wants to be able to do whatever possible. If many people are able to know what Norika is doing, this will pass on to more people, and this charity will grow. This is Norikas hope.

Norika showed her will in her speech, and showed in the future, she would like to continue her support.